Faking It (UnReal Series Book 1)Faking It by J.D. Hollyfield
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Faking It, by JD Hollyfield is the first book in the UnReal series. I’ll be the first to admit that I had no idea what to expect. This is my first JD Hollyfield book, but it will not be my last. This book was a roller coaster of emotions and I didn’t want it to stop.

Lexi Hall fakes it. What is it? Everything. She fakes being happy, she fakes enjoying herself, she fakes interest in the guy sitting across from her at dinner…you get the idea. She fakes it ‘til she makes it. Lexi works at St. Markey, an art gallery. It is her job to get artists and then she also speaks with potential buyers. This is how Lexi finds herself on a plane in an attempt to land a big deal artist.

Hunter James is a recluse. He keeps to himself and enjoys it. He doesn’t date or go out or do anything that would put him in the public eye. He just happens to be a big deal artist who is highly sought after in the art world. Since he values his time and chooses to spend very little of it with others, he has offered St. Markey 45 minutes of his time.

As first encounters go, this one is amusing. I can’t explain it here without ruining one of the funniest scenes in the book, but just know that Lexi refers to Hunter James as “the stranger danger hunk of pure sex” and boy is he ever. That mouth, that body, those hands, and—oh!—those eyes. Sex on a stick or a hunk of pure sex. Whichever. Despite the ridiculous sexual tension between these two, Hunter makes it a point to deny her any sort of physical fun that is beyond first base. He wants to get to know Lexi and not just use her. This man has a way with words and Lexi’s quick, humorous take on almost everything that he says will leave you laughing out loud. “…every word out of his mouth is like a warming sensation that spreads down my whole body, leaving tingles in its path. It doesn’t escape my attention that I’m also describing the effects of warming lube.” Yes, folks, you’ll get gems like that in this fun, sexy, flirty, lovable story. This is the book you are looking for when you say you want to read something funny and hot. JD Hollyfield delivers on both counts.
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