Fallacy (Apprehensive Duet Book 1)Fallacy by Kimberly Bracco
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Fallacy by Kimberly Bracco is a spin-off duet series focusing on Alex and Quinn, Ashley and Tanner’s best friends from the Uninhibited Series. This series will standalone and it will contain spoilers for you if you have not read the Uninhibited series. I read the series on Tanner and Ashley awhile back and absolutely loved it. I would recommend reading that series first because it was not only great but gave you a solid background on both Alex and Quinn but again, you don’t need to read it either to enjoy this story.

Author Kimberly Bracco is a spectacular writer and I have come to love her books immensely! Her storylines are great, they flow seamlessly, flawlessly, and she certainly knows how to hook her reader from the start. This story was no surprise to me, it was filled as usual with a terrific storyline filled with drama, angst, suspense and lots of great hot as Hades sex. This author always keeps me hanging on every word while sitting on the edge of my seat feeling such angst and at the same time has my panties and my kindle ready to go up in flames at any moment. Her stories are a smorgasbord of emotions and I can’t get enough.

So as I said, I first met Alex and Quinn in the Uninhibited series and I loved the both of them. They really stood out as great secondary characters in that series and I remember remarking that I would love to get their story. So I definitely got my wish here.

Alex, oh my, book boyfriend material ALL THE WAY, this man was hot, sexy, beautiful inside and out, he was the best friend any man and/or woman could hope for and he proved that over and over. He had a straight head on his shoulders and I loved that when he wanted something he was going for it with everything he had inside. He did exactly that with Quinn and ended up with the biggest heartbreak of all when they hit a turning point in their relationship.

Now Quinn, hmmm, I loved her, I hated her, I loved her, I hated her, yeah, see you get the gist of her character for me. She was sexy, always knew what she wanted and went for it, she was beautiful on the outside but oh so broken down on the inside. Her upbringing was very difficult and my heart was completely broken for her. She had a poor example of family, of love, of men in general and unfortunately she could not get herself to move out of that mindset. She was truly a great friend, could dish out the best advice and the best intentions and yet when it came to herself she always sold herself short and that made my heart hurt for her and for those around her.

Alex and Quinn were perfect for each other. I loved how the author carefully and beautifully gave their “relationship” a sexy and slow-build up. It was intense, it was hot, it was sexy, it was just downright beautiful and perfectly executed! Alex could see it clearly and I, as the reader, could see it all clearly,unfortunately, it was Quinn who couldn’t see anything clearly and one misunderstanding led to a couple of years of longing, loneliness and heartache for the both of them.

This book obviously leaves us on a cliffhanger and I, for one, cannot get my hands on the second book fast enough. I need to know how things are going to play out between Alex and Quinn. Will she succumb to her father’s threats, will she follow her heart or her head? Unfortunately, I have to wait to find out but I know Author Kimberly Bracco will not disappoint in the sequel, I can just feel it, wink, wink!

Congrats Kimberly Bracco on another outstanding book. I will be waiting anxiously for book #2 and in the meantime will be keeping my fingers and toes all crossed for what I so want to see happen with this amazing couple.
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