Fighting Shadows (On the Ropes, #2)Fighting Shadows by Aly Martinez
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Fighting Shadows (On the Ropes #2) by Author Aly Martinez is another gem in the continuing saga in the Page brothers series. This is the second book in her new On the Rope series and it is the story of Flint Page and Ash Mabie.

Wow, I just finished this book and let me tell I am truly and completely emotionally drained but in a good heartfelt way! Once I finished this story, yes, I put my Kindle down and cried, it hit me hard right in the chest with so many emotions on so many levels. This series and this family of brothers is brilliantly written in a way that really resonates deep down into your soul. One thing is for sure with this author, Aly Martinez can write a story like no other. I went through a vast majority of emotions and feelings while reading of Flint’s journey and I can say that Quarry’s final book in this series just may be my undoing, lol. I don’t want to let this cast of characters go anytime soon. You know the feeling you get while reading a book, the one where you feel like you are genuine friends with them, a feeling like you are living the story alongside all of them, well, that is exactly how I have felt since book 1 and I just keep feeling closer and closer to them as the books continue. The writing is utterly fantastic, I was hooked from the start and my attention never wavered until the very end. The storyline flows seamlessly and easily as the book progresses, there is never a time that I was “bored” or skimmed. The sex scenes were scorching and so blazing hot that they had me squirming in my seat every single time! Flint was so darn sexy and he was so in control in the most sexy way possible, arghhh, I get chills thinking about the sensual and erotic way he handled Ash in the bedroom and out too, of course, lol.

Flint was a great character. I loved him from the start and connected with him immediately. I understood his actions and at no time was I ever left wondering about what was going through his mind. My only very minor “issue” if you can even call it that, was his “immediate” and complete need for Ash over all those years apart considering they had not been an item for long. That was my only complaint, I wished it had been a tad bit more “believable” for me, I needed more of their “connection” if that makes sense. I totally got where his “freakout” came from and yet the hurt he inflicted on Ash at that moment made me want to punch him too.

Ash, I loved her and totally understood how she felt especially when all came to a head with Flint at that fated birthday party. My heart broke for her completely at that moment, I felt her despair and I have to say, I understood exactly why she felt she needed to do what she did. Her backstory as well as Flint’s was truly gut-wrenching. How this group and how these 2 survived was a miracle and the fact that they were genuinely “good” people underneath it all spoke volumes to me about who they really were. They were both so “real” to me and I was fully invested in both of their characters from the start. Although it broke my heart that Ash did what she did, under the circumstances I got it, I understood her need to “prove” herself even if just to herself and I loved that it got Flint’s life moving in the direction that it did. Their journey reminded me of a caterpillar who eventually ends up transforming into the most beautiful butterfly ever.

Again, Author Aly Martinez has given me another beautifully broken love story that I can say is fabulous in every way and on every level. I loved seeing Till and Eliza, sorry, but Till is still my #1, lol. Catching up with the group was just the icing on the cake for me and the bond that they all share is so unique and so genuine and just…..yep, I get chills just thinking about them and how far they have all come.

Now Quarry’s story, oh gosh, I may need a lot of tissues and a bottle of wine because the ending of this book to set up his story left me with my mouth hanging open and a huge hole in my heart. Gosh, Aly Martinez has a knack of doing that, ripping out your heart and then slowly and carefully mending it but this time I have a feeling my heart will be put through a paper shredder, so I am anxiously and nervously looking forward to see how she will be able to mend it in book 3.
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