Fighting Solitude (On The Ropes Book 3)Fighting Solitude by Aly Martinez
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Fighting Solitude (On the Ropes #3) by Author Aly Martinez is the third book of her On the Ropes series and its story focuses on the youngest Page brother, Quarry. I have to be honest and although I am in the minority, as much as I liked this book I just didn’t love it.

Let me first start by saying that Author Aly Martinez is still truly a literary master at her work. She has such a beautiful talent of taking a story from start to finish in the most flawless way. What I love most about her books is that I never get bored, I never feel the need to skim whether it’s the storyline or the sex scenes, it all flows at a perfect pace, a perfect speed and I applaud her wholeheartedly.

I knew that Quarry’s story, based on what I had read from the previous book was going to be very difficult for me personally and it didn’t prove my initial feelings wrong. I absolutely LOVED Quarry and Liv and I mean truly and without any reservations loved them but I didn’t like nor could I connect with their storyline based around the whole Mia piece of the puzzle. For me and this is just my own opinion, this “type” of storyline just doesn’t work for me unfortunately. I couldn’t get passed it and I couldn’t move on from it no matter how hard I tried and no matter how the author and the characters played it out. I finished this book last night and thought that maybe I needed some time to digest it all before writing my review but my feelings haven’t changed at all.

Quarry, oh gosh, I loved this man. He was just as sexy, loving, kind and caring as his other two swoon-worthy brothers and I mean that sincerely. He had such a heartbreaking childhood and had been through some of the most unimaginable experiences in his young life that it was amazing that he turned out to be the beautiful man he was. I loved his devotion, his loyalty and loved seeing him weather the bad times and turn them into brighter days.

Liv, oh yes, I loved this woman. She was as close to perfect as a woman can get. She was like the brightest star continuously shining and yet underneath it all was a broken hearted woman who stood on the sidelines all the while watching what she desperately wanted slip away. My only real minor issue with her was at the start. I found the reason behind their separation for all those years to be a very weak one for me. I couldn’t understand it nor did I connect with it and that was a minor issue for me hence, a part of my star deduction.

As much as I wanted to fall in love with Quarry and Liv’s story, I just couldn’t move passed that major obstacle of the storyline for me and that was Mia. I wasn’t fully invested and I found that I wasn’t convinced that their outcome would have been the same if the events prior didn’t happen. It’s so hard to say much more without giving away spoilers so this was the best I could do to express my feelings.

This story could have been a clear 4.5-5 star read if it weren’t for the “major” factor of their storyline. The writing again was spot on, it was the storyline itself that just didn’t work for me. Listen, not every author can please every reader and this story unfortunately for me was a slight hiccup. Am I still a fan of Author Aly Martinez, yes, am I still going to read her books in the future, heck YES. Just because this story didn’t exactly work for me doesn’t mean other readers will feel the same way. If you have loved this series to date, I recommend that you pick up this book because this family and group of characters throughout the series were nothing shy of beautiful.
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