Finding Charity (Romance For All Seasons Book 1)Finding Charity by Jody Pardo
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Finding Charity Novella by Jody Pardo

This book was a fast easy to read Novella.
It kept me interested from beginning to end. It was kind of like a Scrooge during the holidays all of a sudden changes and becomes a nice, down to earth man.

Mr Mark Lyon seemed like he hated the holidays. He was always stopped by beggars and surrounded by ill-dressed Santas clanging their pots for donations and the shrill ringing of their little bells.

Then at one Christmas Party dinner he met a woman named Charity. He ended up leaving with her that night. He woke up to an empty bed and was not happy about it.
He went walking to his favorite coffee shop and as he passed Our Lady of Sorrows Church he was halted by the amount of people there. They were all there to get a free meal. Most people were homeless or just low income families. Mark ended up seeing Charity there and after speaking with her he stayed to help dish out food with her. They left together that might also. On their way out of there, they ran into Christie hiding behind a dumpster trying to keep warm.

The next morning Mark wakes up to an empty bed again but this time she left a note. She was back at the church again. When Mark got to the church he found a hysterical Christie, helped her out and then went in search for Charity only she was no where to be found. Mark will soon find her but, she was not serving food happily talking to the people attending the event

Was a short, fast read
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