Finding MargoFinding Margo by Susanne O’Leary
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This is an interesting story that brings to light verbal and mental abuse. Margo has finally had enough of her husband’s attitude, his yelling and his degrading comments. After missing the exit during a road trip, her husband calls her “moron” and “halfwit” and even says “You’re useless. Do you know that? I should have known better than ask you to read a bloody map. You couldn’t direct a child on a tricycle to playschool.”
Then it’s like Margo has an out of body experience and disappears at a petrol/gas station. She can’t even believe she has the courage to walk away from him. While Margo is on her own she becomes a new woman…or actually the woman she has been hiding inside.
Margo first meets a female truck driver named Grainne. While Grainne is an odd character, the two become friends. Margo then meets Milady and becomes her personal assistant. Milady is a temperamental, lonely older lady who gives Margo a place to live and a job. Margo changes her name to Marguerite and gets a hair cut to complete her new life. Margo also Mets Milady two sons, Francois and Jacques. Jacques and Margo have sparks and become friends and lovers while Francois has a secret that may change many things in their lives. Of course it’s not all rainbows and unicorns for Margo once she meets Jacques, after all she is still married to Alan. After discovering some of Alan’s secrets, Margo knows the time has come to stand up for herself. She also knows she is meant to be with Jacques.
“Adieu,” Margo whispered. “I know that in France you only say adieu when you know you will never meet again…” “And when you said it to me, I knew I couldn’t bear it if we never saw each other again.”

I hope there are other stories with these characters. They were fun to read about and I just know Francois can get into more trouble with his secret revealed!
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