First Comes LoveFirst Comes Love by Emily Goodwin
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I think that everyone knows that it’s usually the best laid plans that don’t quite work out. This is absolutely true in this four star, beautiful journey through the unknown world of becoming a parent when you are completely unprepared. In First Comes Love, By Emily Goodwin, we chart course with Noah and Lauren as a one-night stand that both were too drunk to remember becomes the catalyst for them coming together to be parents. There are, of course, a few complicating factors. The first is that they have both secretly had feelings for one another since high school ten years prior. That should make this easier except that the reason neither pursued one another is that Lauren is Noah’s best friend Colin’s baby sister. So, to say it was a huge nightmare waiting to unfold is putting it mildly. That being said, they choose to take parenthood on together.

Lauren is a typical good girl who plans life and makes sure everything is in its place. She is doing what she loves, working as a vet tech at a Veterinary Hospital. She has been allowing her sisters and friends to set her up on blind dates and they have all been disasters. The last one pushes her over the edge and she sneaks out and winds up wandering into the nearest bar. She tried calling everyone she could think of to get her…but it winds up being her brothers friend Noah who is there and it’s him who will take her now intoxicated rear end home. It’s now storming and all Noah has is his motorcycle so she lets him stay until the rain stops. In a moment of insanity, they both start playing a drinking game. Come morning they are naked and have no memory of the night before. She wakes up and freaks and Noah has to go…

Oh sweet, misunderstood Noah. The thing is, Noah is wonderful but no one truly knows him. His father left him and his mom when he was a kid. His mom never really dealt with it, so she virtually checked out of Noah’s life. He had no one, so he settled for just having fun– even if that fun gets him into trouble. He’s got a less than stellar reputation now…and both Lauren and her family judge him. So while Noah has been crazy in love with her since the day they met in high school…she just sees him as trouble. When Lauren comes to him 6 weeks later to tell him that she’s pregnant he has a typical guy response. He stupidly asks if the baby is his…he gets cracked across his mug for that one. His next response, however, is that he’s all in. He not only wants to be a daddy to their baby but he wants to be in a real relationship with Lauren. She is skeptical but willing to try…so they do.

This book really was great. Noah genuinely loves her and so he stepped it up and committed. That included spending his spare time with her instead of getting in more trouble. Make no mistake, there are some major bumps along the way. Noah is trying but he’s also scared – some mistakes are made but none that they can’t get through. There is also dealing with her family…to say that they flip out would be putting it mildly. Colin literally trying to kill Noah for knocking up his baby sister is one of the funniest moments in this book. I truly enjoyed watching them fall in love and navigate the life they were building together. This was a beautiful story and one that I definitely intend to reread.
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