Forced Play for Libby (Men of Baseball #3)Forced Play for Libby by Hayley Faiman
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Oh Hayley Faiman….I am positive that Forced Play for Libby is my new favorite read. Where to begin. First there is Libby and Pete, they have been married for 7 years now they had a whirlwind romance, engagement, wedding, and honeymoon… until they returned home. Libby is old money rich, her family expects few things from her: marry upper class, have babies and appear perfect at all times, the idea of being in a loveless marriage scares her. Then there is Pete poor boy from the wrong side of the tracks at college on a scholarship and focusing on baseball, sex and women while he’s there, until he meets Libby. He decided then and there that he wants her and will have her, always. Once they returned home from an amazing honeymoon full of sex and romance Pete announces that their marriage is in name only and he will not be with her intimately. After 7 years of being ignored and hated by her husband Libby gets an email that changes everything. She decided enough is enough and she goes full force to make a change. Will Libby’s father ruin any future happiness for them by the choices he gave them in the past. Hayley Faiman did an amazing job with this series but to me this one is the best one. Forced Play for Libby makes you connect with Libby in ways that you can only feel if you have ever doubted yourself or your worth. If you have ever decided to stay in a situation because you think your love will be enough. Will love be enough or will Libby decide that the lies and past 7 years of a loveless marriage is too much to move past…

Will Libby’s father see the error in his ways or does he try to repeat the same mistake…? How much is too much when you aren’t sure if the love is 2 sided or if you past are nothing other than years full of lies, deceit, infidelity and pain…
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