Frenzy (Frenzy #1)Frenzy by Casey L. Bond
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Frenzy by Casey L. Bond is a 4 star start to the apocalypse series involving a mix of zombies and vampires. The blend of the two worlds ends up amazing in this book.

In Frenzy, we are taken to Blackwater…one of the only places that humans are left to safety because of their location. While the rest of the world has fallen to a virus, this community is left u touched and protected by not only their natural surrounds, but vampires. They are called night-walkers in the story and have a treaty in place with the settlement: they will keep hunters safe when they leave to search for supplies and if they can’t protect them from the zombies, or the infected as they are called, then they will turn them into vampires.

This story is from a local girl, Porschia Grant, who just lost her sister to the infected while she was out hunting. Porschia’s family is having a hard time surviving and leave her with the choice to get married and have someone else feed her or join the group that hunts. She is torn up over the thought of leaving the safety of the settlement, but extra food is giving to those who go on hunts.

When she is waiting to make the cut into the group she lets it slip to her friend, Saul, that she needs to marry or join the group to hunt. The two make it into the group and not only does he let her know he would marry her if she will have him, but he will help any way he can. Some of it is just filling in the info about the hunts. Not only are they protected by the vampires, they are also the food for them. The two groups have been helping each other without many problems, but suddenly things are starting to fall apart. People are dying inside the settlement.

Porschia met Roman and the other vampires who are clearly playing dangerous games. The story takes a crazy twist that will leave you begging for more after info comes to light. Porschia’s caught the attention of some of the vampires and he life is never going to be the same. In a world filled with so much death, can anyone make it out alive?
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