Heart of Steel (Satan Savages MC #1)Heart of Steel by K.E. Osborn
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Heart of Steel Satan’s Savages M.C novel 1 By K E Osborn

Steel is A biker, living the bachelor’s life and happy at it. When a friend and V.P is killed things change for him and he is nominated V.P.

Having a club girl who is the closest thing to his girlfriend that he is willing to get, he believes he is going places. And it now appears that they may be at the beginning of a war if his father the Pres can’t come to an arrangement with the street gang that the club mule’s drugs for.

Willow is a teacher working at a daycare when she agrees to a date, with a biker she meets on a Christmas charity run.

She agrees to a date with him as a thank you for saving a child (Jackson is a very cute character.) daycare from being hit by a car. She is willing to take a walk on the wild side, and in this case she may get more than she bargains for.

Now involved with Steel, can she withstand the biker lifestyle, the crude family Steel cannot live without and the danger she may unknowingly be in.

With thoroughly steamy, erotic love scenes and dirty a dominant biker in her life, is he worth it?
Can Steel keep her safe and happy while he lives his biker life?

I am a big fan of this genre, so by looking at the cover I thought the book would be a gritty home run. I didn’t find it gritty at all, I found a classic girl meets bad boy.

This authors characters were strange and quirky and I liked that about the novel very much. Although I didn’t find much originality the novel was a well written in a classic style. There were some very funny scenes like when Steel is caught at the park spying on Willow and at the bar when Fim dumps beer on Doug’s head. I absolutely don’t feel like I wasted my time, just wish it was a more creative. I think if you’re going to write this genre you have to do something that separates you from the whole because, there are so many novels written about the same thing.
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