HelplessHelpless by A.J. Adams
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This is a fabulous story from the first page till the end. The characters are strong and very creative. Fracas lives a very hard life. She does the only thing she knows to survive, men love her and women look down their nose at her. Fracas always responds with a loud crude mouth that makes things even worse for her.

Caden is ex-military, tough, never comprising. When the story begins he commits a horrendous crime. Caden’s life has been tortured with things that are unforgivable. Now it is time for retribution. At first I didn’t like Caden, he was scary and cold. When the truth comes out about why he is this way my feelings changed. Being from a wealthy family has some benefits but Caden is an unbending man. His wealth just means he has the money to do as he sees fit. It is now time to take back his community. His brother and a good MC club joined together to clean up.

Fracas and Caden meet but not in the usual way. He is big, scary and deadly. She witnesses what he is capable of doing to people and he has the upper hand over her. Of course she can’t keep from running her mouth which totally takes him by surprise and gets her into more trouble. It doesn’t help that the MC club doesn’t trust or like her, after all she has a reputation that everybody knows about. Fracas was involved with a monster, Peter and his brother run drugs launder money and they are mean as the day is long. He wants her back and will stop at nothing to get to her. With the help of dirty cops, she just stays one step ahead of the enemy and there are a lot of people out for her.

This book is a very intriguing and it will grab you and won’t let go. AJ Adams has written a very smart and thrilling book with many twists and emotional highs and lows. I really liked it and would highly recommend it!!
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