His Light in the DarkHis Light in the Dark by L.A. Fiore
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His Light in the Dark by L.A. Fiore is her new hit standalone story. I have read this author’s work in the past and I was really looking forward to this one. The writing was very good and the storyline was fantastic.

His Light in the Dark is about a completely broken down boy who slowly becomes a man thinking that he is not good enough for the one “light” in his life, Mia. OMG, this story was emotionally tolling for me. The beginning of this book crushed me, had my heart torn to shreds and tears lingering on my eyelids that were ready to burst at any moment. At one point, I had to put my Kindle down not just to cry but to try and re-group my thoughts because the things that Cole endured in his early childhood were so hideous, tragic and vile that I had a hard time reading about it.

What I really loved about Cole was that underneath his tough exterior facade he was the most beautiful soul. I absolutely loved the slow-build of his relationship with Mia and Mace, her dad. It was incredible and brilliantly written. The author took a serious, sensitive and heartbreaking situation and made it into something so beautiful and promising that I couldn’t contain the joy I was feeling inside for what Mace and Mia had done for Cole.

Mia, wow, this little girl who blossomed into the most beautiful and loving woman was just incredible. I was swooning over her from the start. Her relationship with her dad made my heart melt with such pure joy. The author portrayed their relationship in such a detailed way that I could feel every interaction, every feeling that these characters had for one another and it was mind-blowing. I was completely and utterly invested in this most unique, loving “family”. The way Mace took Cole in left me feeling ta way that I cannot even describe in words. I adored and cherished the way Mace and Mia embraced Cole, the way they welcomed and nurtured him, gosh, it is just plain indescribable right now how absolutely breathtaking that whole part of the story was for me. I was glued to my Kindle as I hung on every word and every sentence exchanged amongst these three.

Why not 5 Stars, well, I would have liked the storyline itself to have sped up more. It’s hard really to have wanted that too because there was SO much going on that contributed to the storyline but it was too long before Cole and Mia actually moved ahead with the obvious. Honestly, as much as I loved the storyline, I selfishly wanted more Cole and Mia time but I totally understand why the author took her time. The sexual chemistry and sexual tensions were running high and I was getting very impatient at one point. I needed Cole to get everything that he desired and deserved and for me, it was too long of a time coming for him. So maybe it was just my mere impatience wishing that the storyline advanced more quickly, lol.

The ending of this book and the Epilogue, oh gosh, I cried big fat happy tears. This book was full of suspense, mystery, it was action packed, it was hot and sexy and filled with just about every emotion one could feel while reading a much anticipated book. The writing flowed seamlessly, but also I felt had way too many details if that makes sense, I guess I wished that certain parts had been hurried along and other parts had been prolonged, wink, wink! The secondary characters were great and added so much depth to this story. I loved that I sat on the edge of my seat the entire read, not wanting to put it down at all. I was captivated from the start and could not stop until I knew what would happen with this remarkable couple and family!
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