House of Paine: Book OneHouse of Paine: Book One by Kylie Walker
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House of Paine by Kylie Walker
This novel was a unique mix of genres, Crime Syndicate, Step Brother, and Bad Boy all rolled up into one. It was a Fantastic read.

Paige Acosta Is a medical student studying at Princeton, when her brother and best friend Greg, an undercover cop is found dead of a drug overdose in his apartment. Paige is heartbroken and unbelieving that her brother would do drugs. Noting that something had been wronged with her brother on her last visit and that communication with him was sparse and unpredictable, she believes that Greg was murdered and it had to do with his undercover work.
Determined to find out the truth and salvage her brother’s reputation, Paige decided to talk to her brother partner, because she believes that he knows something. After talking to Tommy her world changes and she makes the choice to take justice into her own hands.

Jackson Paine is a crime boss in New York City and former Step father to Paige and Greg. When Greg as a young man found out what Jackson truly was, he tries to warn his mom Crystal, and when that doesn’t work he makes the choice to become a cop and make a difference.
Jackson is a dominant force in this novel and not a man to be played with.

Damion Paine is Jackson’s youngest son and an heir to his empire. Along with his eldest brother Alex. Damion is ruthless in pursuing the goals of the family and when Paige Crosses his path everything changes. He’s helplessly drawn to this tiny, fearless, women who makes him questions everything.

Caine Kramer and Kelsey Kramer are members of a rival crime family, that have grown up in this life, and have the sense of entitlement and sadistic arrogance that comes with it. The plot for this book was awesome and I intend to give absolutely nothing away.

It completely surpassed my expectations for this kind of romance. The writer was creative and imaginative, and the loves scenes were Raunchy and Ravenous!

Definitely need a glass of wine for this one. I could not put it Down!!
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