Hunter Deceived (Wild Hunt, #1)Hunter Deceived by Nancy Corrigan
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Hunter Deceived Book 1 of the Wild Hunt series
Harley is a women born with Evil in her blood and has lived with it her whole life, and suffered for it. Overly sheltered to keep her safe, she unknowingly starts a chain reaction she’s completely unaware of. She lives on the precipice where one action can force her to become an unmitigated Evil force. Having the capability to rival her father, Dar lord of the unseelie. Most of her family is murdered by Daddy’s evil fairies and she is hunted and stalked everywhere, only hanging on by a vow made a long time ago to a ghostly stranger and because of her fully human brother Ian. The love and understanding between them has helped keep her on the narrow side of right. If something were to happen to him because of her, it would ruin her and send her spiraling.
“Every time I act on my rage, I lose a little bit of myself. ”
Calan is a Demigod, a bastard of the lord of the Underworld, Arawn. He serves a master of the hunt, as punishment for a long ago wrong he had nothing to do with. He has spent his life attempting to correct the wrongs after all, it was the reason for his and his siblings, The Telulu’s conception. Just as he was closing in on the final fairy, He is lead in to a trap, trapped and imprisoned and the Telulu imprisoned to serve ” A mindless existence beat and dying over and over to appease a curse meant for the members of the unseelie court.”
“Because during the fight that should have wiped the last fairy from this earth, I was led into a trap. Dar imprisoned all the Huntsman that night.”
If he can get out of his prison his mission will be to transfer the curse back to Dar, free his siblings, and ride as master of the hunt again.
“My siblings have been slowly losing their minds, and as each becomes unable to meet the requirements of the curse, the barrier to hell thins.”
“Too many of the Huntsman had fallen under the stress of the curse.”
When Harley and Calan come together there are choices to be made, people and souls to saved. Will sacrifice be the answer? Will they be able to navigate this maze of deceit.
“Calan didn’t hide his true nature, nor did he fight his true nature. He embraced it and used it for the purpose he’d been handed-to protect and avenge.”
This story was enjoyable. It had so many twists and turns, it was engaging and complicated. I enjoyed it very much and would absolutely recommend it!
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