Hunter Sacrificed (Wild Hunt, #0.5)Hunter Sacrificed by Nancy Corrigan
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Hunter Sacrificed Book 0.5 of the Wild Hunt series

Arawn, is lord of the Underworld where he is ruler as punishment for picking love over duty. Madly in love with his mate Minerva Goddess of love, she was his distraction and the leader of the unseelie Dar Formally Dagda the fairy king (” Be mindful of your words Dagda is not dead, nor is he weak.”) able to take advantage of that and wreak havoc.

“Yes. I chose love once. Because of my actions, the fairies have unleashed the horrors of Hell upon the world, and the humans have suffered. That is unacceptable.

He needs Minerva’s help but will she be able to overlook their bond and assist him. “You strengthen me as I do you.”

Now he seeks to correct his mistakes, “I will avenge all those I’ve wronged-my mate, my children, the humans. Never again will I fail in the role I was meant to play… Lord of the Underworld.

Arawn has a heart breaking plan to fix things, he has to sacrifice more than he planned for or expected.

“Betrayal implies deceit. I am not hiding my plan from you.”

Can he correct his mistakes, honor all his deals, and conserve his bond with the love of his immortal life, or will he be lead around by the triad and unwillingly do their bidding?

“But I cannot help feeling protective of all those who have suffered at the fallen fairies’ hands.”

I will be reading this series in full this author has a talent for mixing genres and this novella has gained my full attention.
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