I Pick YouI Pick You by Jettie Woodruff
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I Pick You by Author Jettie Woodruff is a standalone book that took me on a serious and intense emotional rollercoaster ride of many emotions. This is not my first read by this fantastic author and it will not be my last. Author Jettie Woodruff really knows how to write, execute and tell a story. Her sex scenes are hot, sexy and create enough steam to melt your panties off in one seating.

I am a picky reader who has certain reading preferences and I also have my own personal “hard limits” and Jettie Woodruff sure knows how to push me straight out of my comfort zone on many occasion and you know what, I love that about her storylines. Now don’t get me wrong, I still may not like to read about certain things but I cannot deny that she does it in a way that leaves me feeling very wicked and naughty!

Ok, so I am not sure how to even begin this review but let me tell you that I went into this story BLIND. When I say blind, I mean, I had no idea what to expect out of this story and yes, you guessed it I was completely thrown for a loop. Now don’t let that scare you, I really enjoyed this crazy, twisted, emotional ride and underneath it all, it really made the ending that much clearer for me and made me appreciate the rough road that I had to travel to get there, lol.

Brantley, oh Brantley, what can I say except, he was one hot, sexy, funny, insanely sane man. Yes, I said it, insanely sane, is there a word, not sure, but he was crazy in the funniest way! I loved that this story was not only unique but that it was told in the male lead’s POV and that alone was priceless for me. He was a typical man, plain and simple and I loved getting his inner thoughts as it made me connect with him completely. His backstory was sad and was one that made you truly understand where he came from and how and why he was the man he was. Once that absolutely beautiful little girl of his came into his life, BAM, this man slowly but surely came into his own and I loved seeing every minute of it. His banter, his inner thoughts had me laughing out loud, he was hysterical and his warm, kind and genuine caring thoughts had me swooning hard.

Now Rydell and Kit, let me tell you, yes, I loved them both for very different reasons and yet the same too. I know that may not make sense to you now but for fear of giving anything away of this storyline, just know, it will be hard to pick a side and for me it was impossible.

I loved watching how Rydell got Brantley to open up and his embrace himself as a father and as a man. She was able to truly show him what love was and I loved how receptive he was at learning.

There were quite a few times, I wanted to scream at him, throw my Kindle against the wall. I hated Brantley at times, I was furious with him but yet, I understood his dilemma too. Everything about Brantley tugged at my heartstrings and I couldn’t help but continue to “stand by” him and hope he made the right decisions even when it felt at times that he wasn’t. I felt like my heart was breaking one moment and yet feeling so full of joy another moment. My feelings were all over the place and my heart and my head were at constant odds throughout most of the story. Although, there were times that I thought were too difficult to go on reading, I also understood exactly where they were all coming from. I felt like I knew all of these characters and was able to connect and relate with them and yes, it was difficult but so rewarding at the same time.

The ending of this story and the Epilogue was utterly fantastic in every single sense and on every single level. Again, the fact that we were in Brantley’s head during the entire book truly made his story come full circle. I loved that he acknowledged as to how he came to certain realizations, I loved that he credited certain people for leading him and showing him the “way” of his true happiness. I loved his family and how he finally came to accept and embrace the terrible fate that was thrust upon him so early on in his life. What I loved was that deep down he was the most amazing man, just a simple, ordinary amazing man who screwed up BIG at times but when he finally saw the light or rather lights, wink, wink, he embraced them like no other! I have chills thinking about how much he grew as a man and as a father.

Author Jettie Woodruff congrats, you continue to amaze me with your storylines. Every time that I think I have read it all, you come back with another home run. As always, I will anxiously be awaiting your next book!
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