Ignite the Flame (Satan Savages MC #2)Ignite the Flame by K.E. Osborn
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Ignite the Flame: A Satan’s Savages MC Novella #2 by K E Osborn is a four star read! Willow, aka Flame, is on the run with her boyfriend, Steel. They’ve been on the road for about two weeks with no decent meals, no showers, and no comfortable place to sleep. They’re running away from their problem, someone who is out to get Willow. They need to find a permanent place to stay with protection for Willow. Steel worries that Willow isn’t properly taken care of, but he loves her so much that he’s determined to find a better living situation for them instead of living out of her car. Willow is scared. Scared of being on the run, scared of no living situation, and scared of what may be in her future. Taking a break and staying with someone for a couple days may bring up a new opportunity for Willow and Steel. Will they finally be able to get protection? Will the brotherhood welcome them with open arms? Find out in Ignite the Flame!

This was a great novella! It keeps you reading and interested from beginning to end.
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