In All My Wishes (Riverbend Book 1)In All My Wishes by Ciara Knight
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In All My Wishes By Ciara Knight

If you haven’t read any of Ciara’s previous works, please do. She is an amazing writer and this book just furthers my statement on that. Anna and Liam are both amazing characters to read about. The work really well with each other hence the reason they have always loved each other. There are twists and turns that you don’t expect to take place concerning their families, but don’t let that deter you. Anna is an independent fashionista that is extremely passionate about her work. She returns to be in her best friend’s wedding and in turn runs into Liam again due to him being in the wedding party as well. Liam is a strong college professor who most think of as the town playboy, but you find that he has an amazing heart and his love for Anna has never died. They are thrown curve balls at every turn, but they don’t let that deter them from trying to figure things out and stay together. They both finally realize that they were kept apart for reasons that in all honesty they will never know the full truth about. Thankfully between them and their friends they realize that the type of love that they have is meant to stand the test of time. Through everything Anna and Liam laugh and have fun as well as show that they are just like other couples, by showing their emotions and how the different scenarios affect them. By the end of this book you truly feel connected to the characters in the book, and I hope that in the follow ups to this book that we get to see more of not only Anna and Liam but their best friends as well. I hope that everyone else enjoys this book as much as I did.
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