In Her Defense (Time Served #2)In Her Defense by Julianna Keyes
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This book has your HEA. This book tells the story of Caitlin Dufresne and Eli Grant. This book is the second in the Time Served series. This is telling the story of Caitlin and Eli. This book could be read as a standalone. It tells the story of the current characters and does not reference the previous book but a couple times.

Caitlin is a fifth year attorney doing anything and everything to get to the top. She does not care what it takes to look good for the partners, she will do what every. She puts in more hours of time working her cases than are in one day. She spreads herself thin way to many times. That is until her one mistake and it all catches up to her. She is forced to work normal business hours and to take the vacation that she has never taken.

Eli is a very busy man. He works as an IT Tech for the firm. He is the outgoing and carefree person that everyone loves. There are many sides to Eli that a lot of people don’t know about. He has many hidden sides as well. He has many things that keep him busy besides the IT side that most people know of. He has problems sharing all sides of himself.

Caitlin and Eli meet at work but on a frustrating night in the bar they have drinks and it turns into a game of Truth or Dare. That game leads to a one night stand, so they think. Then they decide to have a two week fling before she has to leave the city to start a new office in California. During the two weeks Eli teaches Caitlin what it is like to let loose and just be free. This is hard for her to do. She has never just slept in or spent the day doing what she wants. When her time comes for the fling to end and her to move she has to choose to go back to the old Caitlin or stay the carefree one that Eli brought out in her. She is not sure if she can just turn off the hard core Caitlin. Circumstance bring the two together again but she has to decide then what is best for her.
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