IncandescenceIncandescence by Xunaira J.
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Incandescence by Xunaira was a very unique love story that takes place in Pakistan and in Canada it sheds light on another countries cultures. I found the writing to be very good, I felt the author drawing me into her story wanting more. It took me a day to read the book. I could not put it down I had to keep reading because it was so inspirational. There was no violence in this story. There was limited sex in the book. The narration was alternating between the characters; Alisha and Anis.

The story was a captivating story about a beautiful girl named Alisha Khan who just graduated college and has a very successful software house business. Sadaf, who is Alisha’s best friend helps her run the business along with Sadaf’s husband, Shahmir. Alisha is very devoted to her work. Alisha is a very strong and confident person at the beginning of the book and then when she is working late one night when the electricity goes out in her building and so Alisha lights a candle and uses her laptop to continue working and ends up falling asleep. Her office catches on fire from the candle and she manages to get out alive Alisha ends up with second degree burns on the left side of her body from her head to her feet. She is in the burn clinic for a period of time trying to heal from the burn. Alisha ends up becoming self-conscience about herself and does not have the confidence she once had. Then Anis, a friend of Shahmir’s appears in the story again and helps Alisha heal from the inside out. Anis believes that she is a beautiful person regardless of the burns. Anis has a passion to wanting Alisha and to help her get back to being a strong person that made me want to keep reading to see how devoted he could be.

I learned so much from reading this book about other cultures. I feel the author did an amazing job getting her story across. It was a really inspirational romance that is a must read for everyone. Please take the time to add this to your books to be read list. This book is a standalone book and is a 5***** star book for me. Thanks again Xunaira…
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