Indigo NightsIndigo Nights by Louise Bay
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Indigo Nights by Louise Bay is a Hot, Hot, Hot, sexy, fun, loving, sweet, story.

This story has great writing and a lot of sexual content. There is no violence and the narration is alternating 1st person. The characters are well developed, strong and dirty talking! The language is descriptive and may offend delicate eyes. I loved it! The setting takes place mostly in London and Chicago with a few steamy scenes in the airport lounge!

The main characters are Beth Harrison, cake baker, and Dylan James, executive billionaire. Beth is a strong woman dealing with the tragedies that life throws her way. She first turns to alcohol and then to baking delicious cakes, in hopes of finding happiness. Dylan is a strong man, who’s business is to buy failing companies and turn them into successful businesses. Beth and Dylan first meet each other on the plane and it is lust at first sight! After a hot night together, they both think they can move on without the other but they soon find out how wrong they are. These two characters are not looking for love or even a relationship. They have a mutual attraction to each other and decide to see where it goes. They soon discover that some relationships need work and that they are perfect for each other.

“Perfect for each other did not mean getting everything right, it just meant not giving up, trusting each other and being in it forever.”

Of course every good story needs a plot twist or villain to be complete. Enter Alicia. Enter truths kept secret. Are these two twists enough to send Beth packing? You bet. But as with all happy endings does Dylan come through or can Beth find happiness elsewhere? You must read to find out. You won’t be sorry.

4 stars! I loved this hot steamy book from this new to me author that has now become a favorite. Looking forward to what else Louise Bay has to offer!
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