Inside Heat (Mustangs Baseball, #1)Inside Heat by Roz Lee
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Inside Heat by Roz Lee
5 Hot Stars!!
I’m still fanning myself after reading this book! I loved the plot and the execution of this story.
What would you do if you had two totally hot men who wanted you? Some women might be turned off of that, I, however find that charming and to be quite honest, sexy. Apparently, pediatric nurse Megan Long, agrees with me.
The best part about the book (or worst if you want to be pessimistic about it), I fell in love with both Holder boys. Which was actually very surprising to me. Usually when I’m reading a book I can pick up right away who is going to be “my” guy. But, this author really made me work for it. I wanted both men to have her. No, I don’t mean her body because let’s face it, we all know she gets that. How lucky is she!?
As for Megan’s character, I loved her. She was very smart and headstrong – two things I love in a heroine. I also liked that she took time thinking about some very important decisions before making a rash choice, she was very realistic and at times I could see a little of myself in her.
For the Holder twins, I am fairly certain I am going on a man hunt tomorrow with these specific qualities because holy heck batman! Roz Lee knows how to write book boyfriends!
Aside from how hot, heavy and completely tasteful the way the sexy scenes were written, I am very impressed with this author’s work. Not only did Lee give us an erotic story, but she gave us something real. Characters with real feelings that get hurt and hearts that get broken, instead of your usual happy go lucky story. I found it very hard to put this book down the second I picked it up. I have not read any of Lee’s books before this but I will definitely be a repeat reader. Thank you so much for giving us this story!
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