Kinetic (The Luminaries #1)Kinetic by S.K. Anthony
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Kinetic by S.K. Anthony ( Book 1 )

This books focuses on a girl named Annie and her group of friends or should I say coworkers?

Annie Fox along with many friends like Beth, Andrew, Jenny, Lisa and many others are Luminaries. They each have a special power. Annie can lift cars or trains with no problem. Beth can move at the speed of lightning, Andrew call teleport anyone wherever he wants and Jenny is a healer. Somehow, they noticed, they can tap into each other’s special powers. It leaves them drained but, they are a close knit bunch (most of them anyway) and they would do just about anything to help each other out.

Annie is single because her true love Nick, left her abruptly by just leaving divorce papers on the table for her. She had been heartbroken ever since. She ends up coming face to face with him one night during a job.

Derek is the son of Dr. Lakes who runs the Org. and he is in love with Annie. He wants to date her and won’t stop asking for a date until she finally agrees to go on that date. Somehow she ends up dating him and before I knew it, he wanted to marry her. He said he loved her but also advised her she was in danger. He was under the impression that Nick was after Annie and he wanted to keep her safe. Derek thinks the best way to keep Annie safe is by making her his wife. No one will be stupid enough to go after the wife of one of the most important men of the Org.
Derek ends up keeping Annie locked up in her own house with other Luminaries keeping guard for weeks on end till they can find the threat. Poor Derek has no idea who the threat really is but, he thinks it’s Annie’s ex-husband Nick!

This book had a lot going on and it was hard for me to keep up especially since I don’t normally read this type of book.

However, I did enjoy the book and thought it was good if you’re into that genre
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