Last True Hero (Battle Scars)Last True Hero by Diana Gardin
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Last True Hero by Diana Gardin was a great read for me. It’s the first book of the series. Last True Hero follows a man who was discharged from the Army as a Ranger named Dare Conners and a navy admirals daughter Berkeley Holtz. This story is told in dual POV of both main characters. I really loved this writer’s way of grabbing me from the start of chapter 1 and never losing my interest once.

Dare Conners is a recently discharged Army Ranger on his way to stay with and old army buddy Drake for some R&R. Dare is looking to have some fun and just relax and work at the auto shop with Drake. When he first meets Berkeley, he’s at a loss for words and it just gets better from there.

Berkeley Holtz is an only child of a Navy Admiral and her entire life has been planned out for her. Where she’s supposed to go to school, who she dates and now is going to marry. When she meets Dare she turns down his advances as she has sworn off all military men as she doesn’t want to end up like her mother or marry someone like her father.

When Berkeley starts to make her own choices about her life, her parents are none too happy, of course.

Dare would do anything for Berkeley but the start of the relationship between them start a with secrets neither of them want to say aloud. For Berkeley, it’s that she’s supposed to be getting engaged and moving to California. For Dare it’s his time spent on the last mission as a Ranger and the awful things that happened.
Enter Dares foster brother Chase and it’s a recipe for disaster as he has yet again, gotten himself into trouble and needs Dare to bail him out. Little do they know how far these people are willing to go.
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