Leaving Yesterday (Laurel Falls, #1)Leaving Yesterday by Zoe Dawson
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LEAVING YESTERDAY by Zoe Dawson is the first book in her new Laurel Falls Series. She does an amazing job laying the foundation for this heart-warming series set in the stunning beauty of Laurel Falls, Montana. Laurel Falls is a quaint, small town that has some economic issues to deal with, but it is busting at the seams with wonderful, caring neighbors and loyal friends. What a great place it would be to raise a family!

Trace Black is a gorgeous, sexy, cowboy with a heart the size of Texas, I mean Montana! He is an ex-Marine and a mechanic at the family owned business, Black’s Garage, where he is well-known to be able to fix anything. When his father passed away, and since his mother left them years ago, he assumed the role of caretaker for his three siblings. Boy does he have his hands full trying to take care of his family.

Reese is a firefighter and a great help to Trace. His younger sister Cadence (Cadie), is overflowing with spunk, and keeps them on their toes. She is still in high school, a cheerleader…. need I say more? Harley is the youngest brother who just returned from Afghanistan, injured physically and mentally, and requiring round the clock care. Between the family business and taking care of his siblings, Trace is exhausted, but he is determined to do everything in his power to keep the family together.

When beautiful, rich, hotel heiress, Rafferty Hamilton breaks down near Laurel Falls, Trace’s world goes into a tail spin. Since his mother walked away from them, he has trust issues where women are concerned, but Rafferty has him feeling things he hasn’t felt about any other woman. She was recently divorced, struggling with the single life style, and definitely not wanting to get involved in a relationship so soon. Despite the claim that Trace can fix any engine, Rafferty gives him a bit of a dilemma with her foreign, custom sports car.

Since the parts needed to fix her car were not readily available, it gave Trace and Rafferty plenty of time to explore the beautiful scenery around Laurel Falls. Rafferty finds herself falling for small town life and Trace. Will she be able to put aside her feelings of betrayal from her divorce? Will Trace be able to open up and accept his growing feelings for Rafferty?

LEAVING YESTERDAY gave me a great sense of small town life. Filled with romance, a powerful sense of family, charming characters, Zoe is off to a great start with this new series. I can’t wait to visit again.
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