Legend (Real, #6)Legend by Katy Evans
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It goes without saying that I am a huge fan of Katy Evans. If she writes it, I’m going to read it– no questions asked. That being said, I knew from the synopsis that this was going to be the first true test against my love and dedication to her writing. In this incredible five-star finale to the Real series, Legend by Katy Evans rocked my freaking world. She was asking the impossible of me-to root for a hero, Maverick, that she is pitting against the boyfriend of all book boyfriends– Remington Riptide Tate. I thought she was nuts; how could she possibly expect this to play out in any way that we would be able to love both men? Talk about a surprise — I certainly didn’t expect this journey. But let me tell you that I loved it…I loved it HARD.

So here’s the premise, Maverick is dead set on proving to his father that he is everything that his father never was. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so let’s just say his father is well known to all of us Real Series fans. Unfortunately, dad is in a coma so he is missing out completely on watching his son become the incredible man and fighter that is Maverick Cage. While on his journey from the bottom up, he meets the literal woman of his dreams, Reese Dumas. I’m sure that name rings bells for you, that’s because she is Remy’s wife Brooke’s cousin. Considering that Remy has good reason to mistrust Maverick, I really expected quite a showdown when all was revealed and every one met. Guess what, nope, Remy is retiring after this season and he wants a challenge on his way out. So he’s taken our fatherless Maverick under his wing, and he is training him. In doing so, both men grow to truly respect one another and respect eventually gives way to friendship.

Reese, however, unbeknownst to Maverick is battling her own demons. She feels as though she was an embarrassment to her family and friends once already…so she is very hesitant in the choices she makes now. Maverick and Reese have one perfect night, and then she runs. She truly believes that being with Maverick will embarrass her family and she can’t afford anymore reckless choices…so she chooses alone simply because it’s safer. Little does she realize that her and Maverick were destined to have their paths cross again. When they do, all of her secrets are revealed, and she may not realize it but she had Maverick forever after that night.

So here is the nightmare predicament that Katy Evans has placed us avid readers in. Remember me wondering how I could love this book knowing that she was putting our beloved Remy in the ring against our sexy hero Maverick? Well, she freaking made them family, talk about cruel, right? She made it so Remy cared about him, so that freaking guaranteed that we would be able to love him, too. So you’d better believe that when I got to the point when they were going to fight each other, I was frozen in fear, nearly catatonic. I could not bear to watch either man get hurt. I didn’t think I could handle either one losing. It was that kind of book, the one where no matter how it plays out you were going to hurt inside. I did, though, get through this book. All the way to the last page of the epilogue, right down to the last word. The love and friendship between Reese and Maverick was at times hot, at other times painful- but always beautiful. The same can be said for the relationship between Maverick and Remy…it absolutely took my breath away. In the end, you won’t care who won that fight folks. This grand finale to the Real series was so epic that you will just, smile. The only thing to feel sad over is that this is truly the end. But Katy Evans is taking us out in absolute style and grace.
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