Loving DangerouslyLoving Dangerously by Laramie Briscoe
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Loving Dangerously is an Anthology with 7 authors. All are new to me, and still so amazing. Each sends you on an emotional Rollercoaster of intrigue, wonder, love, and mystery. They all have a common ground being as they are all bodyguard related. I love anthologies whether they are about one topic in the genre or they are different. It’s like starting a new book every time.

Ciaran: A Bourbon and Blood novella by Saraphina Donovan
Loralie Crawford just had the worse eye opener and experience of her life. With her brother being a cop she knew stuff happens, what she wasn’t anticipating was the bad guys using her. In walks her bodyguard which she reluctantly agrees to appease her brother. Ciaran has loved Loralie but ran from those feelings because she deserves better than a poor Irish ex-military cowboy. A man even his father didn’t want. Thrown together for the foreseeable future, are they able to fight the feelings building or do they succumb to them?

Kidnapped by Christina Tomes
Rebecca runs a multimillion dollar company with her cousin, it was inherited from her uncle. She never really thought about threats because she isn’t used to being in the spot light. When an all too real threat comes her way her cousin isn’t willing to blow it off as easily as she is. So when her cousin goes to the board to secure a bodyguard she never expected it to be Luke. Luke is the man who decided to turn tail and run because she deserves better. Is he able to get her to trust him or does it all go belly up?

Contract Marriage by Laramie Briscoe
Penelope is a world renowned actress, she has it all adoring fans, a great career and a loving husband. She feels something is missing recently and she feels it has to do with Parker her husband. He also is her bodyguard. But recently those lines have blurred into something more. With a threat on the horizon will they cross that line for good or both be miserable?

One Broken Promise: A Citadel series novella by Deanna Hall
Hayden is having a hard time adjusting, so when he moves to be near his cousin he finds a job at a PI company. On his first case shadowing a spoiled brat of a client, who says she is being bullied. As it turns into a case where she is actually she is the one bullying. As he opens her father’s eyes, something has been happening with the accused bully. Kacey is a very shy girl who sticks to herself. She has a single mom who does everything she can to support them both. While breaking a promise to Kacey he realizes he loves Kacey and Delaina more than anything. Hayden has to fight through his demons in order to never break another promise.

Tangled Vows by Stella Hunter
Bailey or Bay to friends and family, is expected military turned bodyguard. After a stint as movie star Everett Parkers protection detail, he has requested her to play a part. When she declines he begs her to help him and play the part as his girlfriend at his sister’s wedding. He values his private life and needs a bodyguard so why not pose as his girlfriend. Bay hates being used and put in the spotlight especially after what her family did her. After agreeing to a quick thing she runs from him only to have an unexpected problem arises. Bay able to keep her distance and keep the walls up? Or will Everett break down said walls.

Safe Mode: A Masters Protection Case Files by Paige Morris
Willows is one of a few women in the tech business. Because of that a company that is willing to buy her software doesn’t want a woman running the installation. The company decides to bring in Cyrus Masters. While is Scotland they run into some unsavory characters. Willow and Cyrus are fighting the attractions for each other because Cyrus has a rule of not getting involved with clients. They thought the threat was detained only to realize it followed they state side. Trying to keep her safe from the threat long enough for them to start a relationship is what Cyrus lives for.

Tough Girl by Kate Baum
After a blind date that changes her life Anna takes up boxing so she doesn’t feel helpless ever again. It also helps her to overcome he dark past. It brings her to her best friend and her new job being a bodyguard for a world renown pop star. Naill Burke who helped hand pick Anna for the job, and is on protection detail for the pop start also. After Naill brings out the woman that Anna thought was buried deep inside they start down an electrifying romance that brings Anna back to her old self.
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