Low (Low, #1)Low by Mary Elizabeth
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Low (Low #1) by Mary Elizabeth is a standalone novel written in the male POV and boy, oh boy, was it a fantastic story! This was my very first read by this author and it was just simply amazing on every level. It was suspenseful, sexy, romantic in the most unconventional way and full of every emotion one could ever want or expect. I was in love with both of the main characters, they were spot-on perfect for me in the most imperfect way possible.

This story about Low, is exactly as some reviewers have dubbed it, a modern day Bonnie & Clyde story. Now with that being said, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to feel. Yes, I have seen the movie about Bonnie & Clyde but actually reading a story such as this was definitely taking me out of my “comfort zone” and I can honestly say that I was very nervous as well as anxious as I set about reading it.

First, let me start off by saying that the writing itself was superb. Author Mary Elizabeth knew exactly how to tell this tale and she did it magnificently. I was hooked from the very start of this book and did not put it down until the very end. The storyline was quite unique which had me already sitting at the edge of my seat but the way the storyline flowed throughout was seamless and flawless. This author never missed a beat and I found myself hanging on every word, every sentence, every page. I experienced so many emotions throughout that one moment I could feel my pulse racing and then in another moment, my heart was in my throat. This was not a romance story in the typical fashion but yet it held so many unusual and unconventional undertones of a “romance”. I truly felt like I was “living” out this story right alongside with them, I was completely engrossed and engaged throughout.

Low was just downright sexy in all of his “bad” ways. I could feel every emotion he felt, I could feel every heartache he felt, I was completely and utterly connected to him and I loved it. He was so darn beautiful deep down and yet he faced a pretty tough and almost impossible existence. He had absolutely nothing to his name and when he was at the lowest of lows, the desperate feelings he felt, the desperation he had succumbed to in order to survive was inevitable and I totally understood where he was coming from. My heart broke into a million pieces for this boy, this man and let me tell you it was pure hell reading about his struggles with his life, with his family and with his very beautiful and very sweet Poesy.

Now Poesy, gosh, I absolutely LOVED this girl with every fiber of my being. She was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside and the love she felt for Low was simply indescribable, it was straight off the charts. She loved him to the moon and back and I felt every bit of that through her unrelenting ways of showing him. There was nothing she wouldn’t do or give up for Low and it was simply amazing what she was willing to do for him. I didn’t get a lot of background on her but yet I was completely connected with her as well. She was to me, the bomb!

Although this wasn’t a typical romance, it did hold a lot of the elements that I do love reading about a couple. They loved each other unconditionally and without a doubt I knew it and felt every bit of their love for one another. It truly moved me to tears! The sex scenes were sexy, hot and very erotic for a younger couple and I was completely engrossed in every minute they spent together. No, this wasn’t a romance where there were all hearts and flowers but when these two were together it was so real, so genuine, so believable that I would forget for moments at a time that these two were tempting fate every single day they survived out in the world.

This book left me so emotional, yes, plan to have some tissue handy because you will need them. Author Mary Elizabeth delivered not just a unique storyline but a story about a down and out couple who would do anything just to stay afloat, just to survive daily life and it was painful for me to read about what their life was like. They just wanted to be together, they wanted a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, everything a normal couple would want but for them it was next to impossible to attain or rather maintain. I was taken on the most insane emotional roller coaster ride and yet the ups and downs were so worth the ride, although my heart is still hurting. Author Mary Elizabeth, I can honestly say that I am now a fan of yours and will look forward to reading much more by you in the future!
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