Need You for Always (Heroes of St. Helena, #2)Need You for Always by Marina Adair
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“Is that your way of saying you don’t want to talk about the wedding?”

“First rule about one-night stands…What happens between the wedding party, stays between the wedding party. No post expectations, no post conversations, and no ties.”

“Actually, first rule of one-night stands, Emi, is that they last all night.”

Emerson Blake was five months from graduating Culinary school when she found out that her mother’s ALS has gotten worse, and she was on the verge of dying. Packing her bags right away she returns to her hometown, St Helena, to take care of her grieving father, and four-year-old sister, Violet. Now two years later she is still in her hometown taking care of her family, but now with a goal in mind, owning a food truck. With that in mind, she’s willing to cater her food for people to achieve the dream. With an already complicated life who knew that it was just about to get even more so.

Dax Baudouin is an ex-army Ranger, whose last mission ended him with four tours, a messed up knee, and a career. Now back in his hometown, he has to deal with the none stop casserole and his suffocating family. Being the youngest brother out of his big family is the worst. But things start to look up when his one last stand, from San Diego is also a resident of the town. Though she keeps turning him down, Dax is determine to get back with her. Even if he has to hire her as a personal assistant. Not only will he get rid of those pesky casserole, but maybe he’ll get something much, much sweeter.

I have to say this books deserves more than five stars. Though the author has made a few mistakes in grammar and spelling, but not enough that you won’t enjoy this book. The author really does a great job in making you laugh. As well as adoring all the characters, with their wacky attitudes and actions. I couldn’t get enough of this book. Between Dax meeting Emerson younger sister, Violet and dealing with his siblings you’re going to have a hard time breathing. I would recommend the book to anyone who likes the take charge female lead. But also to those who enjoys a determined sexy military male, who has more than a sense of humor. I almost wish there were a movie for this book being made, so that I may see who will play out the characters in the book, especially the little sister. I’m telling you guys you will love the little sister the most, well at least I did. If you decide to read this book, you will be happy to know that the next one after this is out.
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