NeridaNerida by K R Thompson
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Nerida is the 3rd book in The Untold Stories of Neverland Series by K.R. Thompson, this book puts more detail into the happenings of Neverland telling how the Sea Witch came to be. I loved seeing Nerida’s story unfold and the things she has to go through. K.R. Thompson had me constantly anticipating what would happen next throughout the whole book and i was left wishing it were longer just so i could read more about the inhabitants of Neverland mainly Nerida.

Thespa, Queen of the Water Sprites has brought her own Lost Ones to Neverland, like Tink with Peter Pan and the Neverlings except Thespa brings back Mer people. After the death of her sister Odessa, Nerida’s father King Muir of the Northern Sea along with King Taron of the Southern Seas decide that the ocean is no longer safe from humans and almost immediately agree with Thespa’s proposal of moving to Neverland but Nerida doesn’t trust Thespa especially knowing how tricky sprites can be, but since no one will listen they still move to Neverland and on their first day there King Muir and King Taron are eaten by Tic-Tock Croc so what happens when Taron’s son Cassius becomes King? To make matters worse a whole ship full of humans show up on Neverland. Nerida is an amazing character and I love how much she develops. I recommend this book to anyone its an amazing story and very different than what I’m normally used to. Jack is book 4 of The Untold Stories of Neverland and will definitely be reading the rest of the series!
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