No SafewordNo Safeword by Claire Thompson
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Claire Thompson’s “No Safeword” is very well written and an exceptional example of BDSM literature. Thompson is no stranger to erotic writing and has produced an amazing story in “No Safeword.” This book is not for the faint of heart! You will blush and keep reading! Jaime Shepard knows she was born to be a submissive. Every muscle and nerve in her body tells her this is who she is and always will be. One evening, she heads to The Garden, an underground BDSM club, and doesn’t have enough money to pay the cover charge to get in. While her body is responding to the lifestyle sounds coming from within the club, Mr. Anthony, the owner, sees the submissive spark in her and allows her to enter the club without paying the cover. He immediately senses her submissiveness on a deeper and level and invites her to consider joining The Enclave, a BDSM community that embraces a 24/7 slave/Dominant lifestyle. Once Anthony senses her submissive nature and desires, he invites Jaime to become a candidate for The Enclave and consider joining the community. She is immediately intrigued and aroused…she submits…

Once Jaime arrives at The Enclave, readers are in for a hot, erotic ride. We meet the Dominant/slave relationship on a whole new level with characters we fall in love with, like Master Mark, and characters we love to loathe, such as Danielle. While at The Enclave, Jaime must endure, or enjoy as is her case, the slave/Dominant lifestyle. She experiences toys, devices and instruments, the lifestyle indoors and out, with both males and females, and is punished. She is pushed against her boundaries and begins to have feelings for one of the masters. We see Jaime grow as a person and as a slave while at The Enclave for her two-week training period. “No Safeword” is an HEA with the possibility, or hint, of a series…hmm…one could hope! With a reminder that “No Safeword” is intended for mature readers age 18 and older, readers should be advised they will encounter a hot, breathless ride!
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