Our Man FridayOur Man Friday by Claire Thompson
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Our Man Friday by Claire Thompson is a four star read. Cassidy still has some feelings for her ex boyfriend, Ian. But things got weird between them when they tried to become lovers, and they resorted to being friends. They even are in business together and bought a house together. They’re still good friends, even best friends, but it’s noticeable some feelings are still there. Ian still thinks she’s absolutely stunning, but is afraid of commitment. He doesn’t like feeling uncomfortable and insecure, which happens when he’s around Cassidy. One night Cassidy is out at a bar and meets a sexy, Scottish man Kye. Kye is a music loving, guitar playing gypsy. He’s travelled before and doesn’t like to be tied down to any one place. He feels like it’s in his heart to be a wanderer. It’s obvious there’s a physical attraction between the two, but he’s also a compassionate listener. He listens to Cassidy talk about her business and how she’s worrying it’s going to fail. He offers help to her, and she gladly takes it. Turns out that Kye is going to spend a few days with Cassidy and Ian, to get the feel of the business and try to help as much as he can. Cassidy and Ian both love having him around. He’s such a caring person and business savvy. Sexual tensions and desires start to build within the house, and it leaves everyone unsure of what they truly want. But when things get very heated, Kye takes a break and steps away, leaving Cassidy and Ian hopeless. Will they all end up becoming one? Will they realize what they truly want, to all be lovers? Can each person put away their insecurities and love wholeheartedly?

This was a very interesting book. I really liked it! Very well written with a complex, yet intriguing relationship between the characters. You’re constantly wondering how it will all play out. Cassidy being caught between two guys, wanting them both to be her lovers, is a love triangle truly special. I highly recommend this book!
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