Plaything: Volume One (Plaything, #1)Plaything: Volume One by Jason Luke
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Plaything: Volume 1 (Plaything#1) by Jason Luke, Jade West
This book contain kidnapping, Slavery, some bondage but not hardcore so if any of these things are triggers for you please do not read.
When I saw this book/series was written by Jason Luke and Jade West I jump at the chance to review this series. I love these two authors they are amazing writers and the way they came together in this book/series with a sensual, arousing story. For such a short story, these characters have amazing depth.

Amy has been sold as a rich man’s plaything to the highest bidder. That’s what he tells her. She will be shipped to the other side of the world, where she’ll disappear without a trace. Nobody will be coming after her, nobody will even know she gone.
She has already been rejected for sale once. She is not fit for purpose. She is too fiery, and not compliant enough.
Now they have sent for the big guns. He is the dark sheep of the family, and the only man left who stands a chance of taming her.

Robert seems to be a successful business man but he is threatened by his dying father to destroy all he has worked for if doesn’t agree to a deal.

They both got everything on the line his business empire and my very existence will they make it or will they perish? This book contains a cliff hanger and I highly recommend it….
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