Plaything: Volume TwoPlaything: Volume Two by Jason Luke
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This book contain kidnapping, Slavery, some bondage so if any of these things are triggers for you please do not read.

When I saw this book/series was written by Jason Luke and Jade West I jump at the chance to review this series. I love these two authors they are amazing writers and the way they came together in this book/series with a sensual, arousing story. For such a short story, these characters have amazing depth.

In Volume 2 we pick up where Volume 1 ended. In this volume we get to discover more about Robert & Amy.

Robert is the man they’ve instructed to train her to make her willing to make her a good product…

Robert is trying to teach her the art of a true submissive, and she really is trying to learn. She tell him she’s got this, that she can do it, that she can be the woman she need to be to get through this horrible mess alive. But can she be?

Robert and Amy come up with a plan for Amy’s survival. But as these two spend casual and intimate time together, lines start to get blurred.

I loved how emotions run high while they try to figure a way out of this mess. I highly recommend this book.
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