Reign (Sin City Outlaws #1)Reign by M N Forgy
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Reign (Sin City Outlaws #1) by M.N. Forgy is the first book in her new series Sin City Outlaws and all I can say is if you love a great MC book, then grab this one right away! This is my very first read by this author and wow, I cannot believe what I have been missing out on. I am a total MC book lover and all I can say is that this author satisfied my biker book cravings and satisfied all of my “reading” senses.

This book was filled with so many emotions, angst, drama, mystery and suspense, I was sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. As per most MC books, violence always plays a role to some extent and when you read a book surrounding a biker club you have to realize what you are getting into. Was it too much for me, heck no, it was exactly what I would expect and actually a bit more “realistic” than some other biker books contain. This story was as exciting as it was “forbidden” and I was hooked from the very start.

Zevin “Zeek” DeLuca was the president of his motorcycle club Sin City Outlaws and was he ever an outlaw of the hottest kind. I absolutely loved everything about him. He was rough, tough, hardcore, he was honest about who he was and his inner thoughts kept me completely connected to him throughout the book. I could completely understand his nature, his way of thinking and I just loved that he had those teeny tiny insecurities when it came to the one thing he wanted and felt he didn’t deserve, yep, Jillian. He was honest, he was open and the communication between these two was simply perfect for me. There was a push and pull and I never ever knew what to expect next. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this beautiful, broody man throughout and oh my did he ever surprise me in the very best ways! If you love a completely filthy, dirty, sexy, alpha “caveman”, this is the man for you! He is totally swoon-worthy in a total bad *ss way:)

Jillian, oh this girl, she was absolutely amazing. I loved her innocence and yet she didn’t have a naive bone in her body. The author did a perfect job with her character and I was fully connected and invested in her. I loved her inner thoughts, I adored her open and honest conversations with Zeek. This author portrayed these characters in the very best way. There was no unnecessary drama for the sake of “fluff”, I love when I get the meat and the potatoes of a story without out all the pointless drama, etc.

The banter, the sexual chemistry, the emotional connection between Zeek and Jillian was off the charts. Their sexual chemistry was a match made in heaven and I loved every single second of their interactions, in and out of the bedroom.

Now, this story is not all “romance” as there are many deadly obstacles that stand in their way. They know that being together is dangerous and forbidden and that taking the risks they took could put both of their lives at stake. The storyline was seamless, the writing was fantastic and once I started this book I did not and could not put it down.

The ending, omg, that ending was NOT what I expected. It was intense, it was heartbreaking and I am not sure how anyone can come back from what happened but I am keeping my fingers crossed because Zeek and Jillian were absolutely perfect in every twisted and unconventional way. The ending blew me away and now I am left with so many questions and yes, fears for my beautiful couple. I will be anxiously awaiting book #2, I need it now, lol. Author M.N. Forgy, this book, this story, these characters were perfect for me. Congrats to you and please know that I am counting the days until I can get my hands on the second book because that ending left my heart in my throat.
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