Rocky Mountain Rogue (Rocky Mountain Bride Series Book 5)Rocky Mountain Rogue by Lee Savino
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Rocky Mountain Rogue by Lee Savino is an amazing story about a prim and proper Boston school teacher who after being humiliated and shunned by her peers decides she needs to leave Boston and thinks going West to be married is a big adventure, but on her way there the courier coach that Susannah Moore is on is robbed by a lone bandit. After being man handled by the rogue Susannah finally finds her way to Colorado Springs where she is to be married to Jesse Oberon.

Jesse Oberon Wilder will do anything to protect his brother and sister-in-law so he takes it upon himself to protect them from a brothel owner named Doyle who thinks he owns Jesse’s sister-in-law Rose. So Jesse comes up with a plan which is how he ended up robbing the very same coach that Susannah is on. Unfortunately, due to a mistake Jesse made during the robbery Susannah finds out about Doyle and Jesse’s plan to kill him. Susannah doesn’t listen to Jesse and is continuously getting herself in trouble, which means Jesse is continuously disciplining her for her actions.

I really loved Jesse’s and Susannah’s story Mail Order Brides are some of my favorite historical romances and I really loved the touch of kink you don’t usually find in a historical romance. The action in this story is very suspenseful and the sexual tension between the two is high and with the couples constantly changing feelings there is plenty of drama. Susannah has emotional scars to overcome between being overly concerned with others feelings and opinions of her and having been repeatedly rejected by people after being orphaned young having to be raised by an aunt who never wanted to take care of her. Jesse also has a lot of emotional scars but his emotional scars are shown by his physical scars having a father that would whip him for even the smallest mistake. It all makes for a very emotional romance between an outlaw and a society miss two people who are so different. Lee Savino is an outstanding author and I hope to read more of the Rocky Mountain Bride Series.
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