Sex, Decisions & Rock n' Roll (Redemption Tour Book 2)Sex, Decisions & Rock n’ Roll by Michelle Lee
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Sex Decisions and Rock N Roll

This book is the second in from my understanding a duet of books. There is sex and there is some violence due to the past coming back to haunt. This book is also done in Jules point of view just like Sex Desires and Rock N Roll.

Michelle Lee does not disappoint in this book. Dash and Jules have a lot of obstacles to overcome in this book. The have exes to deal with and a band manager that if you ask me is just plain rude. But, none of this stops them from loving each other the only way that they know how. They are both very strong people, even though they may not think it of themselves, they truly show strength in everything that they do. Jules has to deal with an ex coming back and things are definitely not easy where that is concerned due to his attitude towards Jules. And Dash god love him has to deal with his manager bringing his ex-back into the picture. With the band on tour in this book it isn’t quite as easy for Dash and Jules to work through the problems they are having. Jules thinks she isn’t good enough and when Dash tries to convince her she still has her doubts. Thankfully, Jules comes around to realize that Dash loves her and would never lie about her being enough. When you think about love, you know there is going to be ups and downs, and these two are the exact same. Michelle Lee has a way of writing her characters to make you feel like you can relate to them and how they handle the situations they are put in. In this love story you get all sides of how a relationship will have its ups and downs, and for that reason it makes this book and the one prior to this, more relatable for the reader. Jules and Dash for me are an amazing couple and I hope that in the future we get to see more of them from Ms. Lee.
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