Sex, Desires & Rock n' Roll (Redemption Tour, #1)Sex, Desires & Rock n’ Roll by Michelle Lee
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Sex, Desires, and Rock N Roll by Michelle Lee

You go through the book reading from Jules point of view so you get to know a lot about her. There is violence but only in flashbacks. And as for sex scenes there are a couple, but Dash and Jules are a new couple so it isn’t a prominent part of the book.

Michelle Lee has done an amazing job on writing Sex, Desires, and Rock n Roll. I will start off by saying this is the first book I have ever read from this author but I was thoroughly engrossed in it. Dash and Jules make an amazing couple. Jules is a strong, smart, and all around wonderful person who has had a rough go of things. Dash is talented and strong and has been through a tough time of his own. When they meet it’s due to a friend of Jules and you can tell immediately that their chemistry is going to be off the charts. You go through the book hoping that Jules and Dash wont have to worry about their past’s, but there’s always that feeling that something will happen and this book doesn’t disappoint. Sorry folks no spoilers are gonna come from me 😉 Sadly this book does end on a cliffhanger which normally deters me from a book, but please do not let it deter you this book kept me on the edge of my seat as to how it was going to play out! I absolutely cannot wait to read the next installment of Dash and Jules. Throughout this book you will meet quite a few different characters. The guys in the band with Dash are Vic and Lance, there’s Roland the manager, and one of the bodyguards that you hear a lot about is Russell. As for friends of Jules, there is Val and Tracy. While they do not play as large of a roll in the book as Jules and Dash they are important to each person in their own right. I loved how Dash cares for Jules and how when the situation is reversed Jules takes amazing care of Dash as well. I fell in love with the characters and I seriously hope that you will too.
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