Sinful Possession (Cynfell Brothers Book 5)Sinful Possession by Samantha Holt
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Sinful Possession ( Cynfell Brothers Book 5 )By Samantha Holt

Ash Cynfell challenged Fred Westerling to a duel at dusk and he was late because he was sleeping with a bad headache. His identical twin brother Harris woke him up after seven o’clock. Fred Westerling had a bad habit of being ungentlemanly and Ash caught Westerling forcing himself upon a lady so Ash challenged the blackguard. Harris and Ash headed for the small green behind Westerling’s house not sure if he was still there waiting. When they got there, Westerling was staggering and then he collapsed. When the brothers moved closer to check on Westlerling, he rasped “He killed me.” Ash glanced around but saw no one. Then he heard a woman’s scream. Looking around again he then saw a woman not far from the Spencer house. A man had her pinned against the brick wall of the building next to the mansion. He ran to the woman’s rescue and fought with the attacker for a few seconds but somehow the attacker wriggled away and ran. The woman Ash saved was Miss Lila Radley. She witnessed the attacker kill Westerling.

Ash looked at Lila and saw how beautiful she was and couldn’t leave her side. They found out there was a serial killer on the loose and Ash has now made it his mission to keep Lila safe.

Ash has severe headaches that make him useless where all he can do is sleep so how can he keep Lila safe until the serial killer is found?

An officer asks Lila to speak with her but she soon finds out, he’s not there to help. He is the murderer and grabs her away from the others and pulls her by the hair and shows her a knife. She fights with all she has and manages to get free and runs right into Ash. He comes face to face with the killer and it’s The Chief!

Harris and Ash pretty much kidnap Lila and plan to take her to The Stourbridge House in Surrey but, Lila does not make this mission easy, she fights them on everything and the biggest fight is because she doesn’t want to be taken there. They are at Stourbridge house for a few days and the chief somehow finds them. He shoots Harris in the leg but a doctor removed the bullet. Ash went back to his room to sleep because another one of his debilitating headaches were starting and no one knows about these headaches.

The next day Ash and Lila left for The Cynfell’s family house which was vacant at the time. As they traveled there, Ash and Lila grew much closer. There were a few kisses here and there. Now Ash really will make sure Lila is safe. Feelings grow between them but somehow this getaway is disturbed late one night.

I really did enjoy the storyline but, it takes place in London and some of the wording was hard to get used to.
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