SNACKSNACK by Emme Burton
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Marcus Snackenburg, aka Snack, is drop dead gorgeous, sweet, and can have any girl he wants. Minnie Cooper is beautiful, a huge Star Wars nerd, and Snack’s best friend. They became friends when Minnie moved with her dad and brothers to his small hometown when she was a little girl. They instantly had a connection and became best friends. They would do everything together and spend as much time together as they could. As the years progressed, Minnie found herself getting distanced from Snack. She didn’t like it, because she’s always had a major crush on him. She wonders if it’s her. Could she have done something to make him distant? He seems to always be hanging out with her brothers, and she just ends up being present in the room. Crazy how things can change so quickly. High school rolls around and things change. Minnie and Snack both continue to live their lives, and end up parting ways for years. Bringing it back to present day, Minnie gets a call from her dad that she needs to come back home for a little bit. She finds herself going back to the place where she first met Snack. She hasn’t seen him in years. She’s nervous about what will happen between them since it’s been so long. She feels that she’s always loved him, but would he feel the same? Snack has always thought Minnie was the one for him. That’s why he’s always called her “my girl”. Things change in his life and it brings him back to the place where he grew up. He sees Minnie for the first time in years, and all those feelings are reiterated. Will Minnie and Snack reunite and profess their love for one another? Or is it too late for them?

Absolutely loved loved loved this book! Definitely one of the best books I have read in awhile. I could not put it down! The relationship between Minnie and Snack is absolutely beautiful and one that will have you believing in childhood love again. The flashbacks back to their childhood was amazing. Extremely well written, Emme Burton has made an amazing book.
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