Southern Sweets (Midnight #1.5)Southern Sweets by Cori Williams
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To start with this is a novel, written by Cori Williams. Very good writing from the author goes from character to character. It can be read as standalone, but she also has books on Monroe and Miller that I can’t wait to read. There is not any getting lost in the story line. This book threw me for a loop several times. Just when you thought it was the end, no, there was more. Very intriguing and kept me on my toes. Southern Sweets had drama, danger, and laughter all wrapped together. I loved the twist and turns. I would definitely recommend this book to others. I want to catch up with more of this author’s work. Very good storyline in my opinion. I was not bored with it, not a minute. I am adding Cori Williams to my list of author’s to read more of.
Amelia was a baker. She loved to bake sweets. Tanner was a sexy construction worker.
Tanner and Amelia had a love hate relationship. One where you just know it’s not going to work together, but it’s meant to be. I was cheering them on the whole time. But Marissa and Danny stood in the way. Marissa and Tanner had known each other since high school and married at a young age. Amelia, was mindful of Marissa. Marissa had her own issues and Tanner was caught up in them. Danny was a whole other story. He had evil thoughts. I never anticipated that from the story. It was great. It did seem a little rushed at that part. Then you had Monroe and Miller. Monroe was Amelia’s best friend and Miller was Tanner’s. Monroe and Miller were the perfect pair. They did not interfere with Amelia and Tanner’s relationship. In the end does love conquer all? Conclusion, it was a great love story, with life’s ups and downs.
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