Straight To The Heart (Three Of A Kind Book 3)Straight To The Heart by Beth Rinyu
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Straight To the Heart by Beth Rinyu
Beth Rinyu has written book three with heart and soul. I really like this book. Gia is a fly by the seat of her pants girl who has no need of growing up. All she cares about is getting by from month to month and almost doesn’t make it on several occasions. She refuses to be helped by the sorry boyfriend she has. Jasper is a wealthy ruthless business man that wants Gia where he wants her and when he wants eye candy with her long blonde hair, fantastic figure, due to hours of dancing and beautiful face Gia fits the bill. When Jasper destroys their relationship because of his own selfishness and has no consideration for Gia feelings she has had enough. Now she has to heal physically and emotionally. With the help of her sister and mom Gia needs to get her life on track. Who better to help her than her best friend Cam? They have been best friends as far back as either one can remember. There is nothing they can’t talk about. Cam was Gia first crush way back in junior high, and he been like a brother to her. Cam sees Gia as a little sister and their relationship means everything to both of them. When Gia goes to stay with Cam in L.A. where he plays for a pro sports team she can’t believe how wealthy Cam is. She just always saw him as her friend. Things heat up and they wonder will things be the same after they crossed the line. Neither wants to let go of the other but they have two different lives going in different directions. Gia is a dancer and Cam is a pro ball player. Can they recover and become close again? Beth Rinyu wrote this in first person with some sex and small amount of profanity. I think this book was well written with feeling and made me weep in places and laugh out loud in others. I’m giving Straight to the Heart four stars and I would recommend it as a must read.
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