Taking Chances (The Chances and Choices Duology, #1)Taking Chances by Ann Omasta
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Taking Chances book 1 of the Davis Twins Series by Ann Omasta is a breathtaking fast paced romance with one woman having to choose between two brothers, if that’s not bad enough our main female character has many insecurities from her past marriage. A lot of drama in this series and I absolutely love it! What’s also great about this series you get a sneak peek into Abby’s friend Courtney’s romance with bar owner Joe.

Abigail Brown is a 28-year-old divorcée and after a 2-year long marriage that ended badly Abby has lots of insecurities and thinks she is “broken and barren”. So with her best friend Court and boss Annie encouraging her to date or at least talk to the opposite sex she finally takes their advice to say hi to a hot guy. Unfortunately, Abby changes her mind to late and after a very awkward but successful meeting Abby starts to see Seth, but when she is invited to a charity event that Seth’s family is hosting Abby finds out that Seth also has a twin brother and their meeting is even worse! Having mistaken Sam for Seth leaves Abby feeling awkward, nervous, and highly aroused whenever she sees Sam, it doesn’t help that Sam is coming on to her whenever they are alone.

Seth and Sam Davis are identical twins but with completely different personalities Seth being the good twin and Sam being the bad twin both feel strongly for Abby, but now she has to make a choice on who she wants now the brothers aren’t just trying to one up each other this competition really matters. There is a lot of comedy in this book as well my favorite quote in the whole book is “Don’t go down this path again. There is nothing wrong with you. That two-pump-and-dump b******, who was married to you for two years but didn’t take the time to learn how to please you, is the one who should be feeling bad about himself.” reading that made my day! I’m excited to continue Abby’s story in Making Choices book two in the Davis Twins Series. If you like love triangles and drama, then this series is definitely a must read!
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