Taking the Lead (Secrets of a Rock Star)Taking the Lead by Cecilia Tan
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Taking the Lead by Cecilia Tan is the first in her Secrets of a Rock Star series. Ricki and her sister Gwen are considered Hollywood royalty. So they inherited a ton of money when their grandfather passed away as well as his secret BDSM club (weird, right?). This secret club only caters to the top of Hollywood celebrities with their special kinks for years. Unfortunately, Ricki doesn’t have time to deal with the club because she’s way to busy working on a movie set which she must do for three years before she can go ahead and work for her grandfather’s production company. She has no time for a private life let alone a relationship so of course one hot as sin Axel, from the band The Rough, will enter and shake up her world.

The attraction between Axel and Ricki is instantaneous but there are people who just don’t believe that they belong together. He’s completely infatuated with her and she submits like a dream come true but won’t come to the terms that she has a submissive side.

The book itself has an interesting concept. I mean who hears of inheriting a BDSM club from their grandfather? Ricki is told she has to run the club but she has no knowledge in BDSM which made it a little awkward. Also, I liked the whole Hollywood royalty concept as well but it was something that was played more in the background afterthought than something that was highlighted on.

I did love Axel. He is portrayed as a normal happy guy. Normally I see these moody rock stars but he wasn’t and I love that Cecilia wrote a different type of rocker. Overall, I think the book was an ok read but I’m kind of intrigued on what book two holds with Gwen.
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