Tangential (Dark Matter Highway Book 1)Tangential by Cliff Hall
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Tangential by Cliff Hall
When a father, son and a school teacher are abducted and returned by aliens, this book is just beginning. The story was both complicated and enthralling. The Sci-Fi geek in me loved this novel!

This novel is full of neat characters with all types of personalities, you have an average dad Taylor a sports writer, who does something brave to start us off. He develops special abilities as a result of the abduction.

A boy Carter who is smart as a whip and daring, son to Taylor. He is first to notice that something bad is happening the day of the mass abductions, he also develops special abilities as a result of the abduction.

A school teacher Miranda who is very sensitive and smart. She was at the church, protesting the day of the abductions. She also develops special abilities as a result of her abduction.
Shelia a paralegal and artist who is amazingly brave and courageous, all while suffering from major grief. She attempts to warn the Nesbit family that the government knows about them being returned from their abduction.

Sinclair is a farmer and dad to Taylor, he is a feisty, Christian old coot with the mind of a steel trap.

Jeffrey Harrison a mediocre government analyst turned government flunky and goon. He is asked to facilitate the retrieval of the returnees alive, for government testing and questioning.

Mage a former military Hero turned soldier of fortune and his crew, some really mean men. Men hired to retrieve the returnees.

Tat a scientists obligated into servitude as a soldier of fortune after being rescued from Kosovo. Hired to assist in retrieval of returnees and to medically evaluate them upon retrieval. Thop Sapient Liason for the Thraasian Fleet. The only alien seen by abductees.

Psychically connected to all of the abductees and a seer. These are the main characters in a book about aliens, time and dimensional travel, government conspiracy, invasion and abduction.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”
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