The Captain and the CheerleaderThe Captain and the Cheerleader by Elaine Cantrell
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The Captain and the Cheerleader by Elaine Cantrell is a 4 star romance. This story was so completely different than anything I had read before. While a love story, there is nothing graphic and the whole book is kept clean and respectful.

It was awesome to see how quickly a life can change after one night and how many people you are connected to and what ripple effects your actions have on others. Family, loyalty, and friendships are all put to the test in this high school set story. With the title being what it is you would first think that it is about two high schoolers, but the twist is in fact the teachers in this small conservative school that become our story tellers. The cheerleader is the lovely teacher, Miss Susan English and the captain is Kurt Deveraux, the coach for the football team. Both are living wonderful lives with good friends and good families, but have yet to find real love.

As with most of us when you can’t stand someone who thinks they are always right you hate to pass up a chance to make it known they are in fact not a know it all. So when another teacher doesn’t have any luck with Kurt, Susan takes a bet to prove she can get a date with the man of mystery. While Kurt has no idea this is happening he already has feeling towards his fellow teacher and once Susan shows interest it clearly must mean it is fate.He takes a chance and invited her to a friend’s party and plans for a slow romance with Susan.

The two have a wonderful date, but everything heads south when it is discovered by Kurt that it was just a bet that pushed Susan to him. Feeling hurt he turns his back on everyone who was involved.

When a new development comes to light, if forces the two love birds back together, but with huge side effects. No one is left untouched and everyone has to learn to forgive, have trust, and hope for a better tomorrow by the end of this story. Everyone does a lot of grown in this book, but it comes after some large set backs. A nice happily ever after once the dust settles.
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