The Destined Series: The Complete Collection (Destined, #1-4)The Destined Series: The Complete Collection by Ashley Suzanne
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Mirage Book 1 of the Destined series by Ashley Suzanne.
“Love stories are for suckers. Life doesn’t happen like it did in The Notebook. Or should I say that death doesn’t happen that way? You don’t meet the person you’re supposed to be with until your time is up and then slowly fade away together. Real life is a bitch and it hurts. The real story isn’t pretty a romantic it just breaks you to the point where you don’t want to go on anymore. You pray that this isn’t the way your story ends.” From best friends to lovers through broken hearts and miss communication Mira and Skylar have a chance to fix what they broke, but life jobs and jealousies send them on different paths.
Mira is an office manager for a real estate firm. She’s living a very regular life after the death of her college sweetheart Danny. Something she wasn’t sure she could get past. Helping her to grieve is Kaylee and Skylar together they are the three remaining members of their quad. When Skylar and Mira finally get on the same page, that they love each other, they want to be together and they are going to move in together. Things change in an absolutely unexpected way. Skylar is a Biker, madly in love with his best friend’s girl. “Mira, I have loved you from the second I saw your freshman year. I wanted to talk to you, but Danny beat me to the punch. I never questioned it, because he was my best friend I grew up with the kid. When you and Danny went down I was terrified. I was so scared and that I never get to tell you how I felt about you.” He never acts on it but, his devotion to Mira is unquestionable. Loving her from a distance desperately wishing he could be with her. How is he supposed to deal with this? Mira says she loves him and she wants to be with him, that she has loved him all along. Could that be true? Does she really love him or a figment of her imagination? “I loved Danny, but I crave you. Your embedded in my soul; I know it’s not a dream. I know that it’s the truth.” There has to be a way that they can be together without ruining their family of friendships. “I know my heart is where it’s supposed to be.”

Interception novella/Book 1.5 of the Destined series by Ashley Suzanne. This is a flash back type of book, it’s the story of how it all began from Danny’s perspective. How they all met, what they were like 4 years earlier, how they pared off, and how Danny dealt with the undercurrent of Mira and Skylar being attracted to one another. Most important what lead up to the accident.
“It kind of feels like we’re about to be stuck in the friend zone. You know what I’m talking about. That zone between a girl and a guy who might be attracted to each other but end up being friends instead. I enjoy spending time with Mira but I really want to get to know her on a different level and not just be her buddy.” Danny falls hard and fast for Mira, as soon as he meets her there is no one else for him. “She’s just that kind of girl the kind you want to care for and make sure she’s comfortable all the time.” He imagines his and her future entwined and sets off blindly to make it happen. It’s almost obsessive how fast things move for him. “With all the romance novels girls were talking about these days, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a way to make her mine I don’t have a billion dollars or own a cable knit sweater, but I’m sure I can find something romantic to do. I’m going to have to find a way to ask her to this formal but with some huge romantic gesture.” Right away he can feel the attraction between Skylar his best friend and Mira, but he ignores it and sets out to make her his. “I don’t know why I’m being like this, other than I feel some weird kind of vibe coming off the two of them. I know neither of them would do that to me, but this at the same time, I can’t help it. Call it the caveman in me, but she’s my girl.”

Awakening Book 2 of the Destined series by Ashley Suzanne
Mira is officially out of the coma and out of the hospital and as soon as she’s out the Drama begins. “If she is in love with someone else, would you want to marry her? Would you want to always think you’re coming in second, even though you technically won?” Mira can’t seem to get over the feelings her vivid dreams left her with. she is completely confused and finding out that Danny met and confided in Melissa is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. She comes clean about the dreams, the feelings for Skylar, and her absolute confusion. Then she leaves to stay with Kaylee. Danny is Struggling with his love for Mira and his new found friendship with Melissa. “God knows I’ve been thinking about Melissa a lot lately. We did get close over the last couple of weeks.” He’s not sure what to feel about Skylar. Deciding that they can’t cause Danny pain Mira and Skylar back off and stay friends. But things are not the same between the Danny and Mira. They can’t seem to get past the first stages of their new relationship and Melissa is a looming shadow for Danny while Skylar is for Mira. Danny sees that Mira is miserable and he lets go. “Mira, as much as I don’t want to let you go, I understand you’re not the only one who change during those weeks I did too. I just didn’t realize it. You said it before that you mourned my loss, in the way I did the same.” But can Skylar and Mira finally get it together enough to be happy? “The best relationships blossom out of deep rooted friendship and that’s what we have. You’re my best friend, my partner and the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.” Is the friendship between Danny Skylar and Mira over? Will Danny regret letting go? “Mira, I didn’t let go. I just opened the door for someone else to love you the way you deserve to be loved. You’re always in here.”

Facade Book 3 of the Destined series by Ashley Suzanne
Kaylee is a girl who like’s guys and sex. All through the series we hear tidbits about her exploits, she claims she’s a “slut but a good one”. She is completely unwilling to settle down until a couple months into a sex only relationship with Jacoby. Her Duh moment happens, when She goes to a concert with Mira and makes it back stage ready to play groupie for a guy who can’t stop talking about his ex, when she realizes all she wants that night is to be with Jacoby, so she makes a plans to go over to his house to surprise him, but ends up leaving heart broken. She never says a word to Jacoby, and lets the relationship proceed the way it has been. Reaffirming her beliefs that she’s better off without commitment. After reading why she’s a commitment phoebe I understand, but in this story she makes some wild conclusions and, she is just an all-around firecracker. “A year ago you couldn’t pay me to be in a relationship. I think this would only work with Jacoby. He makes me want to beat the demons, break the skeletons and fight my way out of the darkness I didn’t know I was living in. He’s my light in the dark tunnel and I’ll admit it to anyone who asks; sometimes with the right person love is worth everything. Jacoby is a man with a great career, a fun life and not looking to settle down. After being in sex only relationship with Kaylee he realizes he wants more with her and sets out to make it happen. Slow and steady, he wins her over and helps her heal. He hangs in there when she gets a little nuts and cares about the little things. He’s everything she never knew she wanted. But first he has to gain her trust and he starts to do that when he throws a wrench in his own game. He messes up and he might lose her. He just hopes she can overlook his mistake and see his side of things. “Truth is, everyone’s going to hurt you; you just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”- Bob Marley This novel can be read by its self but, you would be much happier if you read the series in order. This author’s style of writing takes a little to get used to, but she absolutely has some great characters and plot twists.

Epiphany Book 4 of the Destined series by Ashley Suzanne Mira and Skylar are 2 people madly in love. It took so much to get them were they are and it seems like they are each other’s rocks. After the accident, coma and Danny, there isn’t anything that can’t be overcome, but little things start chipping away at them. How they handle them will ultimately decide what happens with them. “It’s not going to be easy, MI. I’m sure it’s going to be F**k**g terrible at times, but it’s us against the world. I need you to remember that.” Club business and Skylar’s inability to communicate are interfering in their relationship, Skylar closes his garage without telling Mira, and there are things from the accident, that no one bothered to tell Mira. Along with everything else, she’s having a hard time copping. Mira’s health is again in question and she feels like everything she touches goes bad. Her insecurities really eat at her. “Why is the universe so f**k**g cruel?” But Skylar loves her and she just needs to realize nothing will get in the way of that. “I promise you this, Sweets. You’re always going to be my number one, my best friend and my source of comfort. I’m always going to want to come home to you and nobody else. I promise to be the first thing that you see each morning and hold you through the night. I give you my word that I’ve been in love with you since before I even realized it and I’m going to love you until after I’m dead and gone. You’re the only one for me. I promise to give you the greatest love story ever written” Danny finally see’s that the relationship between Mira and Skylar is the real McCoy, and decides to leave, for a job offer in New York. His attempt to protect Mira from life’s changes, drives home that they are not meant for each other. The relationship with Melissa is a dead end, so she will not be going. Kaylee and Mira prove once again that they are family and love like sisters. Mira getting her happily ever after is, the icing on the cake that is the Destined series. This is the final chapter to this series and what a way to go!
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