The Eye and the Arm (Champion of the Gods Book 2)The Eye and the Arm by Andrew Q. Gordon
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The novel starts out with a bang there is a lengthy explanation of where we are in the story follow it closely. Ferrell is a grand master wizard named chosen by several gods and every time they visit him he is given a new task. Although he feels reverence for The Six he also feels burdened by them. He is already engaged in a war with his father Meglar king of Zargon. At the beginning of this book he is visited by the Great Khron the god of war, The Eternal warrior, and set a task to free Khron’s people the dwarfs who were safeguarded in the void, in order to do this, he is set on a quest to locate items that he will need to complete his task. “Holy Khron, you have laid so much at my feet, but I do all I can to be the Champion you need, the Champion you deserve.”
His first task is to go to khron’s temple where he is to speak to a priest, Aswick. His is given a history of the dwarfs and a book left by a powerful grand master wizard ancestor Kel, that contains the keys to both his tasks and spells he will need to complete his task. With the king’s permission and an unexpected companion, Farell, his life partner Miceral, and Peter the prince, (who is to complete his first sea voyage) then set off to locate the first artifacts by sea to the blocked off kingdom of Dumbarten’s capital city Dreth. While at sea Farell comes into contact with messengers of the Goddess of the sea, Arritisa. the servants convey the message that they must take him to under to a place called Rastoria to receive his message. In following them he meets the goddess Arritisa’s hidden people the Arlefors.
While he is at Rastoria the ship they are on is attached by pirates, so Farrell has to learn what he needs to know and make it back to help defend the ship. The adventure is only at the start.

There is so much more that happens that I can’t say without giving to much away.
First I would like to say that I don’t normally read GLBT Literature, but this novel is tasteful and far from overbearing. The author was able to write an adventure that was interesting and left you wanting. Would I refer this novel, Yes! I was left on the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen next. The lead character is no push over and I’m rooting for him. It was a bit of a cliffhanger and not a standalone, but it’s a series so I expected that. Definitely worth the read!
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