The History MajorThe History Major by Michael Phillip Cash
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The history Major by Michael Phillips Cash

I have never read a book by Michael Phillips Cash before and a Novella is always a good place to start as long as it’s not a part of a series.

This was an interesting read, the concept was very unique. I found that I disliked the main character Amanda immensely right from the beginning, and I believe this was the author’s intention. Amanda is a trouble girl, clinging on to a very bad crowd. She is a girl behaving badly, I would even go so far as to say against her own conscience. She bratty and spoiled and in desperate need of a reality check. She has a boyfriend Patrick that she cares for very much, but they have an argument where she feels forced to choose him or her friends. When she does something redeeming, she is thrown into waking nightmare, she’s confused and experiencing vivid memories and hallucinations. She is completely uneasy with her surroundings and she is stalked by a phantom of some kind, she is horrified. What makes this story so interesting is how the author intertwines history with the story and the completely unexpected plot twist.

There was absolutely room for this novella to be a novel, and I would have read every page. The book sucked me in and had me unable to put it down, attempting to figure things out ahead of the plot. The question is does this mean girl learn her lesson?

“Have a taste of sparkly star, and drink a sip of moon, and when you feel as though you have gone far, then sail into your room.”
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