The Killing GameThe Killing Game by Toni Anderson
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Axelle just wants to save her snow leopards from a poacher. Tyrone is on a mission to capture one of the mostly deadly terrorists in the world. Dmitri just wants to save his grandson. Who will get want they want?

“It was a race against time and she didn’t know who she was racing with or how to stop them.” Axelle is a woman who doesn’t trust easily, she likes isolation, and she loves her snow leopards. Someone is using their collars to hunt them and Axelle is going to find out who and why. Tyrone and his team are hunting for a man named Dmitri, who has been in hiding for the past ten years. Tyrone and Axelle’s paths cross and they realize that they are searching for the same man. But it seems as if they are not alone in the hunt for Dmitri, a man accused of very heinous crimes for and against his own people. With a few governments on the trail as well, will anyone get the answers they are looking for?

An adventure that starts in the mountains of Afghanistan and moves about the world, this is part spy novel and part romance novel. It is wholly entertaining and insightful.

We all have a past, it’s how we live with it that defines us. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was enthralled and swept up in Axelle’s story. The pain of isolation, whether by choice or out of necessity is felt throughout. Every character has to make a tough decision and I felt the pull to do the right thing by all of the characters and rooted for everyone, even Dmitri. It just goes to show that we are all human and behind every man is a family who loves them, even if they are hard to deal with. I think this was written with such empathy and insight and I really appreciated it. In a time when our world is at war, it is important to remember that we are all humans. We all have a job to do, but we still have to do what we think is best. I’m just grateful Toni Anderson decided writing was her job and I will keep supporting her.
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